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About Us

China New Century Communication Electronics Co.,Ltd with the recognized brand names of "KYD" and "Kydera" is located in the historic and vibrant City of Quanzhou, China at the head end of the Silk Road. We are a high-technology enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sale of two way radio equipment for over twenty years. We were one of the first such manufacturers in China to do so and we export our Products Worldwide. Our Corporate Mission Statement: Our Company is market and customer driven providing life safety and mission critical radio communications and are served by our professional R&D engineers, production staff and customer oriented sales team. Working together harmoniously in a positive environment we strive ...  More>>


DMR radio DM-880(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-990(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-8500(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-8600(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-760(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-850(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-360(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-680(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-855(Digital Mobile Radio)
DMR radio DM-8566(Digital Mobile Radio)


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