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  • Mini size
  • 20W power
  • Dual band
  • DCS
  • Scan
  • Definable side keys
  • VOX
  • Hi-Low power
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Time-out  Timer
  • Selectable SQ level
  • CO/TO/SE scan switchable 

Model KD-200UV
Frequency Range(MHz) Tx/Rx:400-480mhz & 136-174mhz
Tx:144-148mhz & 420-450mhz
 Rx:136-174mhz & 400-480mhz
Type   Dual band, Dual standby
PLL Channel Spacing 5/6.25/10/12.5/25/50/100KHz
Battery Voltage 13.8V ±10%
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Temperature Range -20℃~+60℃
Frequency Stability ±2.5PPM
Case Size 121.5X65.5X42.5mm
Weight  1500g
Compatible With American Military Standard(MIL-STD-810C/D/E)

IFs 49.950Mhz & 450Khz
Second IF(KHZ) 450KHZ
Sensitivity(12db SINAD) 0.2uV (Wide)/0.25uV (Narrow)
Squelch Selectivity 0.15uV (Wide)/0.2uV (Narrow)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥70dB (Wide)/≥65dB (Narrow)
Intermodulation ≥70dB
Spurious Rejection ≥65dB
Image Rejection ≥70dB
FM Ham And Noise ≤-45dB(Wide)/-40dB (Narrow)
Modulation Type 16KOF3E/11KOF3E
Operating Bandwidth ≤±7KHz/≤±5KHz
AF Output @ 4Ohms ≥2w(8Ω,5% distorition)
Audio Distortion ≤5%
RF Power Output 20W
Modulation Type F3E
Maximum Deviation ≤±5.0KHz(Wide)/≤±2.5KHz (Narrow)
Spurious Emission ≤65dB Below Carrier
Modulation Distortion ≤5%(300-3000Hz)
FM Noise ≤-45dB(W) ≤-40dB(N)