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Main Features:

Ø TOT          
Ø High /Low Power              
Ø Low Power Alert

Ø 16 Channel Zone

(256 Digital,256 Analog)

Ø Scan 
ØMan Down (Optional)


Ø Volume Control

Digital Features:

Ø Remote Kill       
Ø Remote Revive 

Ø Remote Stun                
Ø Private Call
Ø Group Call 
Ø General Call
Ø No-address Call

Ø Remote Monitor
Ø Remote Detection
Ø Call Prompt
Ø Emergency Alarm
Ø Voice Encryption
Ø GPS (Optional)

Ø Call Alert

Analog Features:

Ø Narrow/Wide Band
Ø Compandor(Optional)       

Ø Squelch Setting
Ø Busy Channel Lockout
Ø Scrambler (Optional) 

Mini size, light and handy to carry!!

●     Small, slim, light and handy

●     High capacity Li-pol battery packs (2000mAh), operating to 15 hours under 5/5/90 duty cycle in digital mode. 

●     TDMA working mode

●     Dual Mode (Digital / Analog)

●     Digital / Analog mode switch on same frequency (Unique)

●     Maximum output audio to be 1000mW

●     16-bit digital voice encryption

●     GPS (Optional)

●     With DVIS-AMBE+2™ vocoder (100% compatible with MOTOTRBO)

●     Providing USB jack for charger

●     Software upgradable








 Frequency Range

 400-480MHZ; 350-390MHZ

 136-174MHZ; 245MHZ

 Channel Zone


 Total Channel Capacity (512)

 256 (Analog)

 256 (Digital)

 Antenna Impedance


 Dimension (H x W x D)

 81 x 52 x 30mm

 Weight (W/Battery) 




 Rated Voltage

 DC: 3.7V

 Battery life:

 The average battery life under5/5/90duty cycle, and using carrier squelch and TX high power.

 2000mAh Li-pol battery:  Analog: 10.6 hours / Digital: 14.3 hours



 400-480MHZ; 350-390MHZ

 136-174MHZ; 245MHZ

 Channel Spacing

 12.5kHz /25kHZ

 Frequency Stability   

 + / - 1.5ppm

 Analog Sensitivity  
 (12 dB SINAD)

 0.3uV / 0.25uV

 Digital Sensitivity (5% BER)

 0.25uV / 0.20uV



 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 60dB@12.5kHz / 65dB@25kHz

 Spurious Rejection


 Rated Audio


 Audio Distortion @Rated Audio


 FM Hum & Noise

 -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz

 Audio Response


 Conducted /Radiated Emission




 400-480MHZ; 350-390MHZ

 136-174MHZ; 245MHZ

 Channel Spacing

 12.5kHz /25kHZ

 Frequency Stability   

 + / - 1.5ppm

 Low Power



 High Power



 Modulation Restriction

 ±2.5kHz@12.5kHz / ±5kHz@25kHz

 FM Hum & Noise

 -40dB @12.5kHz / -45dB @25kHz

 Conducted /Radiated Emission

 -36dBm1GHz / -30dBm1GHz

 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 -60dB@12.5kHz / -65dB@25kHz

 Audio Response


 Audio Distortion


 FM Modulation

 12.5kHz: 11K0F3E

 25kHz: 16K0F3E

 4FSK Digital Modulation

 12.5kHz Data: 7K60F1D & 7K60FXD

 12.5kHz Audio: 7K60F1E & 7K60FXE

 12.5kHz Data & Audio: 7K60F1W

 Digital Vocoder


 Digital Agreement

 ETSI-TS102 361-1, -2, -3


 Precisely and standard designed for a long-term positioning( 95% value  could find 5 satellites @ rated -130dBm signal strength

 TTFF (time to first fix) cold start

 < 1 min

 TTFF (time to first fix) warm start

 < 10 s

 Horizontal Position Accuracy

 < 10 ms